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Los Angeles CineFest (semi-finalist)

The World Animation Celebration (official selection)

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (semi-finalist)

Miami independent Film Festival (official selection)

Barcelona Planet Film Festival (official selection)


Director- Min Shi, Kun Xia


Lighting/Rendering/Animation- Min Shi, Kun Xia 

Composer- Min He


This title sequence is our final project for visual music class.
Our project remakes and expands the concept of the Imitation Game, We tried to recreate a world that based on the original film.


Camera takes us through different settings, using a series of iconic and symbolic props to reveal the making of enigma machine, while building the narrative.


Working with talented composer, Min He, she did a great job interpreting the idea from the original score even add her creative ideas.

Made with Maya, C4D, After Effects, Octane

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