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Min Shi is an Emmy award winning digital artist and designer who’s spent the past 5 years working on main titles for film and TV including Captain Marvel, Mulan, Doom Patrol, The Gilded Age, The Swamp, His Dark Materials. Her most recent work on the HBO show The Last of Us is nominated for Outstanding Main title design in the upcoming 75th Emmy Awards. 

Min’s career is not limited to commercial work.


She continues to develop personal artworks that have been featured in New York’s Times Square, Shanghai PhotoFair, and in Beeple X Christie’s studio opening exhibition. 

In an effort to share her experience in knowledge she is frequently a guest speaker; giving talks for USC, Sci Arc, HKUST, Alibaba Cloud Design, Motion Plus Design, and CTN expo.





Min Shi was born and raised in China, the daughter of a strong, dependable mother and a sensitive and creative father. From her childhood in Nanjing, to her years at the Beijing Film Academy, she exemplified her parents traits, working hard to pursue her career in the arts graduating in 2014 with a degree in Production Design at Beijing Film Academy. Not long after, making the move to Los Angeles to pursue her MFA in Animation and Digital Arts at the University of Southern California.

In the second year of her MFA program she discovered motion graphics and began making digital art using many 3D programs such as Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Maya, Octane, Redshift. She learned quickly, pouring herself into this new found medium. One short year later she graduated, ready to put her years of study to work.

After a short stint with Sony Pictures as a Visual Design Intern, she landed a position with one of the top award winning media production companies known for their Emmy award winning title sequences for West World, Game of Thrones, True Detective, and The Morning Show among many others. Min leaped at the opportunity, working diligently to produce a wide ranging portfolio of work and awards for clients around the world helping them bring their stories to life in the form of title sequences, game cinematics, music videos, commercials and much more. 

Min lives for creativity and exploration, choosing to spend time pushing her skills with personal projects. She enjoys an intimate connection with the world around her, drawing inspiration from unexpected places, her work reflecting this in its diversity and attention to detail. Passionate about individuals and their stories, she feels it's important to explore characters and their backgrounds, always being sensitive to the nuances that make us unique individuals. Her keen observations allow her to bridge the gap between physical and emotional, tradition and modernity, negative and positive, literal and abstract. By seamlessly weaving together political and cultural commentary she presents us with her vision for the future, a surreal world of contradictions, visual stories that explore what it means to be.



The Last of Us (HBO)
Mulan (Disney)

Captain Marvel(Marvel Studio)

Man In Black International(Columbia Pictures)

Mindhunter (Netflix)

The Politician (Netflix)

The Prom (Netflix)  

The Sons of Sam A Descent Into Darkness (Netflix)

His Dark Materials (HBO)

The Swamp (HBO)

Catherine the Great (HBO)

Cosmos- Possible Worlds Season 2 (FOX)

Spies in Disguise(Twentieth Century Fox)

Hunters (Amazon TV)
Doom Patrol (DC)

J Balvin Azul music video, (on YouTube 170M views)

K/DA I Will Show You music video (Riot), (on YouTube 16M views)

Amazing Stories (Apple TV)

One Plus/ Hajime Sorayama Sexy Robot Commercial

Min Shi also work with clients such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, NFL…




2024 EMMY Award Winning , Outstanding Main Title

2023 ADC Awards wining , The Last Of Us

2020 BAFTA nominated and wining

2019 Cilo Awards wining

2020 ADC Awards wining

2021 CA Awards of Excellent


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